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         Fall 2014 Newsletter

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Members of the Friends of Tanzania Board are all volunteers. About half are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, others are Tanzanians, and others lived and/or worked in Tanzania or have traveled to Tanzania. A board term is two years with the option to serve a second two-year term. The FOT board can have as many as 14 members and the retiring president has the option of serving one year as Immediate Past President. The Board holds an annual planning retreat in February, and usually has eight other Board Meetings a year. Board Meetings are held in Washington DC, with the option to join the meetings by conference call. Each member serves on at least one of our committees.

We all appreciate this opportunity to work together to foster connections between the US and Tanzania, and to support community development in Tanzania. If you would like to help FOT in any way this year we would be glad to have you. Please contact us through to offer your assistance.

2014 Board Members are:

Candy Warner, President Chair: Communications

Allison Eriksen, Vice-President Social Media Coordinator

Malte Von Mattheissen, Secretary Membership, Projects

John Hatch, Treasurer Chair: Finance, Projects

Robert Mugizi Rwebangira Outreach

Craig Hafner Chair: Governance; Outreach; Projects

Tony Baker Chair: Membership

Heidi Hawkins Blake Membership, Finance; Projects

Karumuna Kaijage

Projects, Outreach
Karen Schaefer

Chair: Projects
Maggy Msangi

Susan Rabideau

Projects, Communications
Dennis Warner

Outreach, Governance
Iddi Sandaly

Lynn Kneedler

Immediate Past President; Chair Outreach

Board Assistants:

John Ratigan Treasurer's Assistant 

Ellen O'Hanlon

Web Links Coordinator 

Sue Green Email Coordinator 

Peter and Jenny Beth Majura Calendar Sales

Patricia Kelley Newsletter Coordinator

Jennifer Kron Membership Data Coordinator

FOT needs your help. Please contact us if you would like to be on one of our committees. Outreach, Communications and Membership committees need your expertise.