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         Fall 2019 Newsletter

Bruce Pelz

Projects, Membership committee
Boulder, Colorado

Bruce grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where he graduated from Alexander Dawson High School. He attended the University of Colorado where he received honors for his BA in Environmental Studies. Bruce wrote his Honors Thesis on 'The Future Environmental Views of Children across Cultures and Socioeconomic Class'. As part of his research, he surveyed students in five Tanzanian primary schools and two American elementary schools. During his time at university, Bruce studied abroad in Tanzania with World Learning.

Since early 2012 Bruce has been part of founding the Maji Safi Group, a non-profit that promotes effective water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices through creative education to fight deadly waterborne diseases. We empower local community health workers to teach life-saving sanitation and hygiene methods and we use art, song and dance to offer successful ways to integrate these vital practices into everyday life. Bruce is fluent in Swahili and has lived in northern Tanzania for over 4 years.