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General Fund Projects

For over 30 years, Friends of Tanzania (FOT) has provided grant funding for small projects in underserved communities in rural Tanzania.

Through our General Fund Projects Program, member donations to the General Fund are put directly towards sustainable, well-designed projects in specific thematic areas, including education, health, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

The FOT Projects Committee works to identify project partners located in and/or working in Tanzania to which FOT will provide full or partial funding for projects. The Projects Committee has formulated specific criteria used to select partners and applies a developed set of guidelines to help determine projects for funding.  This video provides an excellent summary of the manner in which FOT selects, reviews, approves, funds and monitors projects in rural Tanzania.

FOT's strength as an organization has its roots in its experience in and connections to small towns and villages across the country, which relationships are continuously developed through our work together.


In addition to General Fund Projects, FOT members may designate contributions for projects with a specific community organization in Tanzania, as part of the Member-Designated Project Program.

Recent General Fund Projects

Mara Region

Funds were provided to Project Zawadi for the technological supplies (such as laptops, projectors, tablets, etc.) needed for facilitators to lead a series of innovative teacher training modules for primary school teachers at 15 schools in Bunda District, Mara Region. FOT contributed $5,000.

Mwanza Region

FOT provided a grant of $ 6,393.85 to Africa School Assistance Project toward a library and computer laboratory at Idetemya Secondary School. The project is already providing important computer skills training to over 450 students, and an official credited four-year course that will train even more students.

Mbeya Region

FOT partnered with SHIPO on the construction of an improved water supply system, including a shallow well, electric water pump, water tank, domestic use water point, and 8-tap hand washing facility at Mbuga Primary School in Mbozi District. FOT contributed $5,162 to this project.

Mtwara Region

With assistance from FOT, Jiamini built a dormitory for 80 female students at Nangwanda boarding school in Mtwara. Such dormitories significantly improve educational opportunities for girls. The project was jointly funded with Tanzania Development Trust (TDT). FOT contributed $4,198.


Your generosity supports FOT's projects throughout Tanzania!