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Volunteer with Us

We certainly appreciate your membership and/or donations, but if you don't have funds to contribute or are looking for other ways to engage, FOT also needs volunteers - those who are ready to do the work that allows FOT to continue its activities in Tanzania and in the U.S. There are many ways you can help depending on your interests, available time, skill set, and passions. These include the following areas. If any interest you, Contact Us!

  • Project Review: We have a strong and active Project Committee that is responsible to facilitating the passage of funds from our donors to the folks on the ground doing their worthy work.
  • Website Development: You can help further enhance the Website and keep it updated with exciting photos, events, opportunities, and news.
  • Membership Recruitment: Everyone can help and volunteer their time simply by telling their friends and family, co-workers, or strangers about the great work FOT supports and the community that exists in this hardworking organization.
  • Events: We are always looking for people to help plan and put on both in-person and virtual/online events.
  • Social Media: With an active Facebook page and a developing presence on Instagram and Twitter, we are looking for folks interested in finding and sharing the news that matters to the FOT community.
  • Newsletter: If you're a lover of words, volunteer by composing an article, by soliciting articles from others, or by helping to edit the drafts and final newsletters.
  • Member of the Board: Being a Board Member does require some time commitment, but gives you a place at the table and a voice in helping shape the future of FOT. The Board generally meets quarterly, by zoom call, with an annual retreat in late January or early/mid- February. 
  • Officer of the Board: Want to be more than a Board Member? FOT currently has a President, two Co-Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Each of these positions requires a greater time commitment, with responsibility for various tasks and areas of operation. In addition to the full Board meetings, the Officers participate in monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, which committee also includes the Immediate Past President and the Chair of the Projects Committee. 

And you can always contribute TWICE -- Volunteer and Donate!