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         Fall 2019 Newsletter


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is membership open only to Peace Corps Volunteers?
    The small group who started FOT in 1991 were mostly – but not all - returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Now our members come from many different backgrounds: volunteers not only from Peace Corps, but from American Friends Service Committee, Maryknoll or other church groups, Habitat for Humanity and many other volunteers; educators and students who have taught or studied in Tanzania, tourists and other visitors who were impressed by Tanzania, business people and government employees who have worked in Tanzania; and Tanzanians, living or studying in the United States. Our Board of Directors has always had Tanzanian and non-RPCV members.

  2. I don't live in Washington, D.C. Can I join? How can I help?
    Most of our members are from outside the WDC area including several who live outside of the USA. Although many of our meetings are held in the WDC area, there are some informal groups and meetings around the USA as well. Watch our newsletter and website for those events. Currently 4 Board Members are from outside Washington, D.C., attending meetings by conference call. But there are many things for you to do - website work, membership activities, fundraising, project review. Just ask us.

  3. I'm a Tanzanian living in the USA. Can I join and help?
    Absolutely! Please join and come to our events. We need your help in many ways including advising our Board on project applications, translating applications and other documents, serving on our Board or one of our Committees. We welcome you.

  4. Both my spouse and I want to join. Do we need to pay $30 dues?
    In order to meet our administrative costs and our budget, we ask each person to pay dues of $15. For a couple that would be $30. We thank you for understanding.

  5. Why are your dues so low, only $15, same as 1991?
    The Board and all other committee members are volunteers and so we keep our costs very low. Because you continue to support FOT year after year with your membership dues, we have been able to pay our newsletter, website and administrative expenses solely out of those dues at the $15 level. PLEASE HELP FOT KEEP GOING YEAR TO YEAR BY CONTINUING TO BE A MEMBER AND URGING YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN!

  6. I'm a full time student and/or recently returned from serving in Tanzania. Is there a special dues rate?
    Yes, dues for full time students are only $5. If you have returned from service in Tanzania within the last year, your membership is free. Just let us know. Please do register with us.

  7. I'm a volunteer working in Tanzania with the Peace Corps (or with another similar organization or for a Tanzanian NGO). What are my dues then?
    FOT offers free membership to all volunteers while they are working in Tanzania and for a period of one year after their return. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

  8. Can I contribute through Network for Good if I live outside the USA?
    No. You need to send US dollars either by cash, check or money order. You could consider paying dues and donations for two years to reduce your costs. And you can consider using PayPal also on our Online Payments page.

  9. I live outside the United States. Can I use PayPal to pay my dues and donations and purchases?
    Yes, PayPal can be used as an online payment thus allowing you to pay FOT with US dollars which are converted to your own home currency and billed to you at your home currency rate. If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can still make a one-off payment. After clicking our FOT PayPal buttons, follow the directions for an account member or non-account user.

  10. Does 100% of project donations actually go to projects?
    Yes. You can donate to our projects fund knowing that 100% of your gift goes to Tanzania. As an all volunteer group, we keep our other expenses low and pay them all out of dues. Please be generous!

  11. If I only pay my dues, am I contributing to projects?
    Most years all of our dues are used to support our newsletter, website and administrative expenses like post office box, governmental filings, etc. However, those expenses must be paid in order for us to do our project work so your dues are really important in all of FOT's work. PLEASE JOIN OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO HELP FOT KEEP GOING YEAR TO YEAR!

  12. How else can I help FOT besides paying dues and contributing to the projects fund?
    We are always looking for good projects to fund in Tanzania so please give us any suggestions. We also like to know about other groups working in Tanzania with which we may be able to partner on a project or to exchange information. We need volunteers with skills in finance, project review, website work, and other types of ongoing FOT responsibilities. Finally we are always looking for members who are willing to be considered for our Board.