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         Fall 2019 Newsletter

Project Criteria    
  Webmaster: A Thousand Words Media


FOT uses the following guidelines for evaluating and selecting projects and organizations for funding:

  1. FOT considers it important that a project
    • Has achievable goals;
    • Has goals that can be completed within a short timeline;
    • Has goals that can be verified at the completion of the project timeline;
    • Is sustainable;
    • Addresses how it will create a positive impact on the quality of life;
    • Is built on demonstrated experience of the NGO with similar projects; and
    • Promotes community participation.

  2. FOT has a preference for projects that
    • Support and benefit women, youth, the disabled and people affected by HIV/AIDS;
    • Strengthen the infrastructures of health and educational institutions;
    • Address environmental issues through projects such as water harvesting or pollution control;
    • Promote skill development for small business development that increases the ability for individuals or cooperatives to generate income;
    • Provide technical assistance to health care providers, teachers, engineers and business people in order to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  3. FOT selects organizations that
    • Work to benefit all members of a community;
    • Involve the community in the design and implementation of the project;
    • Demonstrate the ability to sustain the proposed project beyond the grant;
    • Have a bank account with at least two signers; and
    • Hold an official certificate of registration in Tanzania.

  4. FOT Regular Projects will not provide funds for
    • Assistance for single families or an individual;
    • Perishable goods such as animal feed beyond needs for start up;
    • Supplies for resale;
    • Meals or refreshments;
    • Salaries for staff or laborers;
    • Honoraria and/or "sitting fees" for meetings or workshops
    • Standard operating expenses of an organization;
    • Project oversight cost by an organization;
    • Transportation of individuals;
    • Conferences;
    • Religious programs or proselytizing;
    • School fees

  5. Applicants should be aware that FOT frequently asks questions in addition to those on the application form for further clarity about the project and/or the organization. An FOT representative may also visit the organization's headquarters and/or the site of the project during the application process and, if funding is approved, during the implementation and after the completion of the project.