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         Fall 2019 Newsletter

Recently Funded Projects

FOT Projects Approved through General Funds in 2016

$5,000 -- metal fabrication training - Dar es Salaam. The Rafiki International Friendship League will purchase additional equipment for their metal fabrication training center in Dar Es Salaam. The center trains unemployed youth in metal working skills in order to provide them the means to earn a living. FOT funds will cover the cost of a heavy duty drilling machine, a sheet metal bending machine, a welding machine/generator as well as a large metal container where the equipment can be stored and securely locked. Each year, approximately 80 young people will benefit from the training. An FOT member donated $3000 towards this project.

$2025 -- windows and doors - Manyara Region. The funds will be used to purchase windows and doors to complete the construction of a partially built science classroom at Kijungu Secondary School. The community has provided stone and cement and will donate labor to complete the construction. Once the classroom is finished, the District Education Office will supply equipment for the science lab. FOT was initially contacted by a Peace Corps volunteer at the school about this project. The project will benefit approximately 150 students per year.

$3296 -- windmill renovation - Singida Region. Empower Society, Transform Lives in collaboration with Sustainable Environmental Management will use the FOT funds to repair an existing windmill in Unyianga Village. The local village water committee will supervise and maintain the windmill, which will provide the villagers with a consistent flow of water for crop irrigation and household use. Approximately 3,600 people in and around Unyianga Village will benefit from the project.

$3,500 -- handicrafts - Njombe Region. The Jitegeme Women Group will use the FOT funds to train 30 women in weaving bamboo and sisal handicrafts and in batik printing. Later these women will become trainers of additional women who will expand the project to other wards. The project is a continuation of the Jitegeme Women's successful small craft enterprise. The Jitegeme Women Group sells the crafts to both domestic and international markets, with the profits derived from the sale of the crafts serving to generate income for the women artisans. Thirty women will benefit directly from the initial phase of the project.

$3430 -- cashew nut shelling machines - Lindi. The Young Tanzania for Community Prosperity organization will use the funds provided by FOT to purchase 24 hand-powered cashew nut shelling machines and will distribute them to eight groups of small-scale cashew farmers. The organization will cover the cost of training the farmers as well as local extension workers in better ways to dry, process, and package the nuts. Approximately 136 farmers will enhance their economic livelihood by marketing improved quality nuts that are processed more efficiently.

$2700 -- milling machine and mill house - Mwanza. The Huruma Idetemya Organization will install an electric milling machine and offer milling services to both Huruma members and the local community at large. The organization will cover the cost of the construction of the mill house and the future maintenance of the mill. Profits from the mill will be used to sustain the Huruma Organization and as capital for a micro credit scheme for Huruma members, who are people living with HIV/AIDS. The thirty-nine Huruma members will be the direct beneficiaries of this project.

$2230 -- water storage tanks - Simiyu. The Blema Initiative Organization, will install two water storage tanks and the necessary plumbing to provide a reliable safe and clean source of water at Nyalikungu Secondary School. The school has established a management team that will hold responsibility for the security, maintenance and treatment of the water system. Approximately 835 people, who are students and staff at the school, will benefit from this project.

$2956 -- water storage tanks - Tanga. With the funds provided by FOT, the Share and Care Foundation will purchase and install two 10,000 liter water storage tanks which will insure a continuous supply of clean, safe water to three local villages. The community will provide stones and sand for the construction of the foundation and labor to connect the piping to the tanks. The Kwamwenda Village Water Committee will be responsible for repair and maintenance. Approximately 1,450 people will be able to collect water from the two tanks.

Thus far, FOT has funded 8 projects in 2016: 1 in Dar es Salaam, 1 in Manyara, 2 in Singida, 1 in Njombe, 1 in Mwanza, 1 in Simiyu, and 1 in Tanga Region for a total of $25,137.

FOT Donations in 2016

$1000 -- earthquake relief - Kagera. FOT funds were sent to the Bukoba Development Foundation to assist in their efforts to provide relief to victims of the September earthquake.

FOT Member-Designated Projects Approved in 2016

$825 -- Itiso Ward Scholarship Fund - Dodoma Region. This is the second year that an FOT member has contributed funds for this annual scholarship fund for deserving A-level students in Itiso Ward, Dodoma Region. The Youth Empowerment and Support Organization selects the eligible students and acts as fiscal sponsor for the project, receiving and disbursing the funds to the student recipient. This year two students will be the beneficiaries of this project.

$5,000 -- Girls Scholarship Program at Lutengano Secondary School in Tukuyu - Mbeya Region. In its ninth year and based on very positive reports from the school and the student recipients, an FOT member continues to provide scholarships for girls in need who have achieved good grades and participated in citizenship activities. Approximately 100 girls have received scholarships over the ten-year course of this project.

$20,000 -- Girls Scholarships at Geita Secondary School in Geita 0 Mwanza Region. An FOT member continued this 13th year of funding for 25-30 girls who would otherwise be unable to continue their secondary and university schooling. The program is managed by Geita area teachers and principals and receives annual satisfactory reports. This year, in addition to supporting secondary school students, the scholarships will assist five Geita graduates as they continue their education at the university level. Approximately 300 girls have received scholarships during the twelve-year course of this project. $2664-Solar Lanterns--Kilimanjaro Region. The Komboa Vulnerable Groups Association runs a center that provides education and counseling to vulnerable children in the Moshi area. This is the second year that an FOT member has collaborated with the Komboa organization to provide solar lanterns to schools, a health centers, and individual homes. Two hundred community members will benefit from this project.

In 2016, there were 4Member-Designated Projects for a total of $28,489.

Grand total for all 2016 FOT projects (including earthquake relief donation of $1000 is $54,626.

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