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Member-Designated Projects

The Member-Designated Projects Program provides the opportunity for Friends of Tanzania (FOT) Members to identify and designate funding for a specific project with an organization of their choosing. Frequently, these are projects within a village or area in which the Member served or worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer or with another non-profit, or otherwise has some connection. Before funding, Member-Designated Projects are reviewed and recommended for approval by the FOT Projects Committee, with appropriate deference to the Member-Donor, particularly if they have experience with the village or entity that is undertaking the project in Tanzania. In many cases, Member-Designated Projects are renewed annually by the Member.

To learn more about how you can sponsor a Member-Designated Project, Contact Us.

Member-Designated Projects have included a wide range of projects with varying grant amounts. More recent examples can be viewed below.

Recently Funded Member-Designated Projects


$6,000—Lutengano Secondary School, Girls Scholarship Program—Mbeya Region

In its 11th year and based on very positive reports from the school and the student recipients, an FOT member continues to provide scholarships for girls in need who have achieved good grades and participated in citizenship activities. More than 100 girls have received scholarships over the ten-year course of this project.


$700—Itiso Ward Scholarship Fund—Dodoma Region
This is the 4th year that an FOT member has provided funds for this annual scholarship fund for deserving A-level students in Itiso Ward, Dodoma Region. The Youth Empowerment and Support Organization selects the eligible student and acts as fiscal sponsor for the project, receiving and disbursing the funds to the student recipient.


$2,000 Solar Lighting for Friends of The Ilboru Special Needs School
Ilboru Special Needs School sought grant funding to install solar lighting in its facilities, including the girls’ dormitory building, computer labs, and a classroom. Two additional donors, Rotary and Friends of Ilboru School, pledged $2,410 towards this solar project. With FOT’s Member-Designated donation of $2,000, this provided a combined amount of $4,410, which covered the lighting for the girls’ dormitory. Friends of Ilboru group raised additional funds towards the computer labs and classroom. Approximately 100 students and 10 faculty at Ilboru School directly benefited from the project.


$20,000—Geita Girls Scholarship—Mwanza Region

For 15 years a member designated funds for girls who would otherwise be unable to continue their secondary and university schooling. The program is managed by Geita area teachers and principals and receives annual satisfactory reports. In 2018, in addition to supporting secondary school students, the scholarships assisted five Geita graduates as they continued their education at the university level. Approximately 25-30 secondary school girls benefited from this Member-Designated Project.